Roof covers

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Roof covers are great to add an extra layer of protection from tree sap, bird poo and other debris - your tent is already fully waterproof, of course - but you can add an extra layer of UV and rain protection with one of these polyester could even have a different hat to suit your mood :)

Also great to differentiate between tents on your glamping site, or to stand out from the crowd!

Our roof covers are available in various colours and patterns -the "Mandala" pattern was hand drawn by Bristol-based textile designer, Emma Fallon. We are proud of this beautiful design which looks stunning when adorning your Lotus Belle.

Our x-wide covers are the best thing yet. They protect not only the roof of the tent, but also extend wider at the indents to provide cover over the walls of your tent to prevent any dripping from sap or other debris. This extends the lifespan of your canvas significantly, reduces the need for washing the tents, reduces UV damage to the walls, and keeps your tents looking significantly cleaner throughout the glamping season, especially for tents that are up full time. They will change the shape of your tent a little as the roof cover comes out a bit wider, but it is relatively unnoticeable and the pay-off is well worth it.  These are currently available in green (nylon) or Pro (thick) version.

To help you choose:

'Pro Thick' covers should last 3+ years with full time use.They are only available in white, and are made from a 300gsm UV resistant Polyester material.

All other covers are made from nylon, printed or patterned. Please be aware these may fade, and will become brittle with sustained use as they are absorbing all the UV damage that would ordinarily be inflicted on your canvas. They should last approximately one year/season if up full time (i.e. for glamping site use). A number of our customers have had success using "Nikwax UV Protector" on their nylon roof covers, prior to putting them up. The Nikwax acts as waterproofing and a UV blocker on the fabric, is specifically for areas of high UV exposure, and is easily available online.