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We often get asked questions about spare parts for our tents - maybe you’ve accidentally sprung a leak in your Air Bud inner tube, or perhaps your Stargazer roof has ‘done its time’... not to worry, you can replace the various parts of your Lotus Belle as and when needed. 

This is the beauty about our tents coming in the sections that they do - the groundsheet, wall and roof being separate pieces means that any issues with one element does not mean that the whole tent is destined for the bin!

We’ve had a few of you get in touch to say you’ve misplaced your pegs - this is no problem for us! We also stock extra long tent pegs for ground that is particularly soggy / marshy and to give you that extra peace of mind. 

You might be in need of a few extra roof covers - these are designed to last one season (6-8 months), are made of 210d Nylon and take the beatings from the sun, tree sap, bird poo, dust and other dirt that would ordinarily have been headed for your canvas. 

We have some customers that keep a few spare tent walls / roofs and then rotate these round so that their tents always look pristine and brand new. Of course, our friends over at The Canvas Cleaning Company are always ready to help get your tent in ship-shape for the new season and are masters at tent repair jobs! 

It’s always been very close to our hearts to ensure we are operating in an as environmentally friendly way as possible - to this end, if left (which we wouldn’t want to see happen), over time  our tents will actually bio-degrade as there are no nasties in our canvas concoction. Ultimately, we truly believe that our tents are there to serve us as long as we look after them well - we know a number of you out there have had yours for 10 years and going strong 🙂

Please do contact us at info@lotusbelle.co.uk for your specific spare part needs - we are always happy to help you!

Written by Hari Seddon

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Tents For Life, Not For Landfill

As part of our mission to rid the world of disposable tents we have chosen the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes. This together with the elegant design, affording maximum headroom, adds up to a highly desirable, flexible, portable and durable living space that you can enjoy over and over again and that, with care, can last a lifetime.