How we make our tents

To ensure our product will last and withstand the rigours of heavy use, we specify only the toughest, highest quality parts throughout. We use the best possible production techniques to guarantee maximum strength and durability.

Lotus Belles are manufactured using a high-tech, poly cotton canvas, with fire / flame proofing, mould / UV resistance and water repellence built in. The weight of the material per square meter, after treatment, is 380 grams which is much thicker than a standard bell tent.

We use a special type of thread which expands to fill the stitch holes thus preventing leakage.

All seams are twin stitched for double the strength using a run and fell technique. All joins are then heat sealed with a highly effective clear waterproof tape for additional water resistance.

The hydrostatic head rating is 1200 which is extremely good for canvas.

We use Japanese YKK zippers which are widely regarded as the very best in the world, this means that our zips are extremely reliable. After over 4000 tents sold worldwide we have only had to replace or repair two zips.

Forget flimsy strings, Lotus Belles have a 12mm thick nylon rope which is practically indestructible. The sliders are seriously chunky and made of wood. They look good, are very easy to use and won't hurt your fingers.

Our guy line stakes are made of ribbed steel reinforcing bar (rebar) which is as strong as it sounds - no more bent pegs!

We can also provide extra long stakes in case you are expecting gale force winds - and yes the tent survives in extreme weather - 70 kph ?... no problem.

We also include a heavy duty, tried and tested, Lotus Belle mallet that will be the envy of your tented neighbours.

The centre pole is made from an attractive 55mm thick pine wood with branded brushed aluminium connectors. We also include a branded wooden coaster for the base of the pole.

(the 6m tent and Mahal have brushed aluminium poles for extra strength) 

The groundsheet is made from 540 GSM PVC material, it's the same stuff that the curtains on curtain sided lorries are made of. It's incredibly strong and totally impermeable to water with a HH rating of 20,000 +, you could literally make a boat out of it. 

The groundsheet is 'bath tub' style which means it curves up 5 inches around the circumference of the tent - so even if you wake up in a seriously waterlogged field, you won't be getting any water inside the tent.

At Lotus Belle our moto is - 'tents for life, not for landfill' ... this is in response to the rise of a 'throwaway culture’, with tens of thousands of cheap nylon tents now being used once and abandoned. We hope we'll never see any of our products left on site after Glastonbury!

Lotus Belles are a preferred choice among seasonal Glamping and tented VIP hospitality businesses... because they are proven to be a seriously heavy duty product that will remain in a rentable condition for many years.

Lotus Belle - The Ultimate Tent