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When searching for a luxury camping tent, it can take time to figure out what to look for. What makes a luxury tent different from other tents? You may find yourself being drawn into a purchase by the posh tent interiors. Or perhaps you seek out durable tent linings and insulation. Or, maybe luxury tents with all the gear are more appealing: traveller stoves, tent porches and coir matting?

While the aspects of a luxury tent come down to personal preference and intended use, one thing is clear (and shouldn’t be scrimped on) - a luxury tent boasts high quality and comfort for guests.

A quality canvas that’s built to last.

When buying a luxury tent, there should be no questions about what it’s made from. If the canvas is made from quality material, the chances are the tent company will be promoting its durable, quality canvas. Take a look at product descriptions, FAQs and blog posts to see what you can find out about the tent you’re intending to purchase.

At Lotus Belle, we believe the ultimate in luxury tents comes from the craftsmanship of creating them. Lotus Belle tents truly are made to last - not only are they waterproof and fire-, UV- and rot-resistant, they’re made from 360gm canvas (380gsm after coating), which is one of the main reasons why our tents are higher value items than other bell tents on the UK market. The groundsheet is made from 540gsm PVC - the same stuff that boat covers and lorry curtains are made of, so you can be sure it’s seriously heavy-duty and will withstand years of use. What’s more, is the quirkiness of our design - compared with standard bell tents, the style of a Lotus Belle tent truly appeals to guests.

We’ve been in the business of luxury tents for over 10 years, so we really know luxury camping. In fact, countless hire companies use hundreds of our tents each year to rent out to glamping customers. It’s also our excellent after-sales service that hits the mark with the luxury tent industry: because a Lotus Belle tent is made to last, our customer service reflects this.

But don’t just take our word for it! A customer recently said of her Lotus Belle Air Bud, “This tent has withstood rain, wind and snow - it’s made of strong stuff. The craftsmanship is exquisite and really well made. When you sit in the space and contemplate the thought, skill and work that went into creating this, you realise it's worth every penny.”

Our canvas is expertly stitched together, with a meridional and zonal tear strength of 50N and 28N respectively. Carefully crafted and beautifully presented, quality is of utmost importance to us, so that investing in a Lotus Belle tent is an investment in quality and an investment that can last a lifetime.


Guest comfort at the forefront of design

At Lotus Belle, we’ve thought of those extra touches that elevate standard bell tents to luxury tents. Additional accessories like tent porches can be purchased from our website so guests can leave wet weather bits outside under cover. We also stock a variety of tent insulation options: cocoon linings, insulated tent linings and coir matting to keep guests warm and toasty inside their Lotus Belle tent. To add further comfort, you could consider laying rugs on coir matting for a softer touch underfoot.

We’re confident that your Lotus Belle tent will give your guests the luxury glamping experience they desire. To find more inspiration on how to luxuriate your glampsite, explore our blog or check out our social media channels

Written by Hari Seddon

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