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With warmer days starting here in the UK, glampsite owners are preparing the glampsite for summer visitors. The glamping season has begun, and there are things you can do now to get ahead of the busy period, and be ready to welcome glampers (and the sunshine) for all your visitors to have an unforgettable glamping trip.

Choose A Luxury Camping Tent You Can Trust

First of all, you need to make sure your glampsite delivers the goods.

To upgrade a campsite to a glampsite, your campers will want luxury tents for camping, so you can start by exploring where to buy glamping tents. As one of the top bell tent manufacturers, at Lotus Belle Tents, we design and carry luxury tents of varying sizes to suit the needs of any glampsite owner. Our durable, luxury tents are made from 360gsm canvas (380gsm after coating) using the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes.

Together with the elegant design affording iconic style and maximum headroom whichever model you choose, the quality craftsmanship adds up to a highly desirable, flexible, portable and durable living space that can be enjoyed over and over again. With care, Lotus Belle tents can last a lifetime. We’re not just saying that- we know owners who have had our tents for more than 10 years!

When you buy a Lotus Belle tent, you’ll soon realise it has a fantastic return on investment. As a guide, we recommend a 5m Lotus Bell to most UK glamping sites. These start at £2,190 including VAT and are ideal for accommodating small families or groups of friends, and offer a luxurious option for a couple. Our website and friendly team can also help you choose which glamping tent to buy.

Examine Your Glamping Facilities

Just as if your visitors were glamping abroad, when they choose to staycation in the UK, they’ll be considering the various facilities your site can offer.

What can campers expect when staying at your glampsite? Do you offer facilities as part of glamping packages or can campers rent additional equipment such as stoves or powerpacks? What makes your glampsite unique? Do you have unique features of your location that you can draw attention to? How can you boast about any eco-credentials you have? What attractions are in the surrounding areas? 

With the British weather unpredictable even in the summer, if you own a glampsite in the UK, visitors will need bad-weather provision. Porches are a clever way to expand the front space of a Lotus Belle tent and also act as space for campers to sit outside and undercover during a summer drizzle, or to store muddy boots and waterproofs.

We currently have two different types of tent porches.The standard, which forms more like a "passageway" into the tent, and the x-wide which is much wider, and has a zip-front attachment that can be purchased separately to close the whole porch and tent off.

If you’d like to discuss your glampsite needs with our team, simply send us an email at

Written by Hari Seddon

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