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The magic of the night sky appeals to so many of us , so make the most of clear, starry nights with a Lotus Belle stargazer.

Lotus Belle 4m Stargazer tents are the perfect way to enjoy the night sky, no matter the season. If you can’t get away to a glampsite, why not make a home-based adventure of it? Try pitching up at the bottom of your garden, and also relish in the comfort of a kettle, toilet and proper kitchen nearby.

Our Stargazer models have all the features of the hybrid deluxe tents but with the added feature of a transparent roof. Style and function! What more could you ask for?

Special features of Stargazer tents:

Suitable for all seasons - PVC layers on the windows allow for maximum ventilation as well as extra insulation in cooler temperatures. The oversized roof vents draw maximum heat up and out of the tent, ideal for hot temperatures.

Bug proof - Zip-up mesh door and window layers keep pesky bugs out, whilst you can still see outside. There’s also a velcro seal on the groundsheet for added protection from creepy crawlies.

Two doors - for easy access back to the kitchen or loo!

360 gsm canvas - durable and fire- and mould-resistant so your Stargazer tent will bring you joy for years to come.

360 degrees of transparent panels - located around the roof canopy to give you the best view of the sky. An easy clip-on sun shade curtain is also included.

12 square meters of fully usable standing space.

Will a Stargazer tent fit in my garden?

If you’ve been wondering what to do with that empty space at the bottom of your garden, a Lotus Belle Stargazer might just be the thing you’re after. They’re elegant, spacious and easy to put up.

To pitch the Stargazer tent, you’ll need 6.5m of space. Only 2.5m of this is taken up by guides, leaving 4m of floor space. Just be aware that the 4m Stargazer is low in stock, so get yours while they last!

What else do I need to stargaze?

You’ll need binoculars or a telescope.

A camera to capture those awe-inspiring shots.

A green laser pointer to point out constellations to your fellow astrologer

A star chart or a star book can help you navigate the night sky

Snacks and drinks to keep you going!

Written by Hari Seddon

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