The largest tent in the Lotus Belle collection, offering an unrivalled 27 square meters of useable standing space. Available in 3 different designs from our traditional Outback through to the Hybrid Deluxe, and of course, the Stargazer.


Outback models are designed for warmer climates, boasting zip open mesh layers on the windows and doors, and allowing for maximum airflow while keeping bugs out.

They include a seal-in ground sheet to prevent insects crawling in.  The Outback also benefits from bigger air vents at the roof apex.


Hybrid models give you the best of both worlds, a practical choice for anywhere in the world. You have an insulated PVC layer on the windows for the winter as well as a mesh layer on the windows and door to keep you cool and keep the mosquitoes at bay in the summer.


Stargazer models have all the features of the hybrid deluxe, with a transparent roof, which means you can enjoy all the luxury of Lotus Belle whilst in view of the heavens.

This tent will be perfect for 'dark skies' regions and fans of astronomy and comes after many, many requests for a tent that is suitable for viewing the night sky.

The Stargazer has 360 degrees of transparent panels located around the roof canopy to give the best view of the sky with a clip up curtains to maintaining privacy within.