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Understandably, many glampsites are keen to make the most of their season this year to make up for the long periods of covid-related closures.
If you’re thinking of extending your bookings into autumn and maybe further, there are many ways you can add the cosy factor many glampers are looking for at that time of year.


Adding a thicker flooring will immediately give insulation. All Lotus Belle have a PVC floor as standard, which many sites dress with beautiful rugs. If you add something like coir matting as an additional floor layer, not only does it have a lovely rustic feel, but it is also very hard wearing and adds an insulated layer to your floor.

Playing with the texture underfoot will also add warmth. Fleece carpet has a lovely soft feel underfoot and adds a layer of insulation to the floor of your tent, it makes your tent feel extra cosy!!

Luxury Tent Linings

If you’re looking for a more subtle and luxurious looking layer of warmth, Cocoon linings can completely transform the look and feel of your tent. They are made from a luxurious silky polyester which fits over the centre pole, and clips onto the wall poles hugging the interior shape of the tent. This creates an insulating air gap between the inner and outer layers, helping regulate temperature and creating a really cosy feel that can also be great to give a facelift to the inside of a tired looking tent.

If you want maximum warmth then we adore the look and feel of the Insulated linings These are made from a thick quilted polyester that traps heat, which looks like  the walls are wearing a duvet inside your tent! They fit over the centre pole, and clip around the wall poles, hugging the interior shape. Combine this with a wood burner and we think you could extend your camping season indefinitely… (And before you ask, we can confirm this lining and stove combination is excellent for places that get snow.)


We have several stove options (all with instructions for installing the air flue correctly), all of which are suitable for cooking and wood burning. The sound of wood crackling is probably one of our favourite sounds, after the sound of rain on canvas that is.


Atmospheric lighting is important in darker evenings. If you don’t have access to a generator for each pitch, rechargeable is the way to go. We’ve teamed up with a clean-green lighting company to offer pole lights which are perfect for lighting up your Lotus Belle or bell tent. They provide a soft warm light, which helps your glampers feel warmer and more relaxed than cool light. A note for sites that host families- apparently we tend to get along better with others when we’re in a warmer glow..!

Power supplies

If you’re looking at electrical solutions to provide warmth but want something both more portable and more quiet than a generator on each peach, check out these power packs, which gives you the super luxurious option of electric blankets!

We’re happy to discuss with you what the best accessories are for your unique needs - just send us an email in the office.

Written by Hari Seddon

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