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Wondering what to do with that space at the bottom of your garden? A 3m Lotus Belle air tent might be just what you need. And you’d be surprised at the size of the area an air tent can fit in; you really don’t need a big garden.

In fact, the Air Bud and Air Belle models are ideal for smaller gardens and are designed for short-term overnight stays. They’re basically nifty inflatable versions of the Lotus Belle, needing less surface space for pitching.

Deciding between an Air Bud and an Air Belle is easier when you consider their features and have an idea of how you’ll use your small air tent. It’s been over 10 years since Lotus Belle tents first came onto the market and we’ve seen an amazing variety of uses. So, allow this blog post to kick-start your ideas and help you plan how you’ll enjoy your Air Tent.

Use it as a guest room

When you buy a Lotus Belle Air Tent, it will come packed in a branded tent bag. The Air Belle and the Air Bud come packed in a marvellous dark green Lotus Belle bag with wheels on it easy transportation.

All of our Air Tents can easily fit a double air bed and will comfortably sleep 2 to 3 people with room to spare for bags and boots. They’re easy to put up and take down (they both come with a pump) so you can have a guest room ready even for last-minute visitors.

The Air Bud is a poly-cotton inflatable tent, measuring 3m in diameter, requiring no central pole and a porch is included as standard. You’ll be able to stand up in the whole of the tent, so that feeling of spaciousness is not deceptive! Use the porch to leave muddy shoes and wet jackets, extend a rug across it to welcome guests in or decorate it to enhance the theme of your tent.  

Measuring 4.6m, the Air Belle will fit everything you need and, as standard, comes with a porch and hood above the door (to keep the rain out). This tent uses a lighter-weight 190gsm canvas and has a sewn-in 440gsm PVC groundsheet.

Pop it up for an event

Do you have a group of people coming over but don’t want to mess up the house? Fill your Air Tent with sofas, chairs and end tables and dress the tent for the occasion. There’s sure to be enough room for a bar, and with a Powerpack 100+, you’ll keep the drinks cool in the mini-fridge and the kettle boiling for cosy hot chocolates.

Take it glamping

There’s no reason your Air Tent should stay at home while you have all the fun. These tents have been specifically designed to be portable with their tent bags included. Just bundle them in the car along with your Frontier Plus Stove to get the fire going outside, your Powerpack 100+, camping gear and enthusiastic campers!

Larger events

If you think you’d like to use your Lotus Belle tent to host larger events, you might prefer to invest in a 4m, 5m or 6m tent. Still not sure which tent you’ll need? Let us help you choose - we’re on hand to answer any questions you might have about our tents, so feel free to contact us - we’re happy to help.

Written by Hari Seddon

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