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With this year’s March weather seemingly colder, wetter and snowier than last year’s, we’ve rounded up our top tips for weatherproofing your tent so you can camp in all weathers.

Start with a good quality, durable all-weather tent

All Lotus Belle tents are made from durable, 360gsm canvas (380gsm after coating). And the canvas is seriously good - it’s waterproof and fire-, UV- and rot-resistant which is one of the main reasons why our tents cost more than other bell tents you’ll find on the market. When you invest in a Lotus Belle, you’re investing in quality design and craftsmanship. The groundsheets are made from 540gsm PVC - the same stuff that boat covers and lorry curtains are made of so this is seriously heavy duty and will see you through years of glamping.

Our range of Lotus Belle tents is suitable for all types of weather. If you’re camping in warmer climates, you’ll want an Outback model; designed for warm temperatures like the Australian Outback where they got their name. The zip-open mesh layers on the windows and doors ensure maximum airflow while keeping pesky bugs out. As added bug protection, the sealed-in groundsheet included in Outback models prevents insects from crawling in. Also unique to Lotus Belle Outback tents are the large air vents at the roof apex to help keep you cool while temperatures climb outside. Explore our 6m Outback models.

If camping in cooler climates is more your style (or you need a luxury tent you can pitch up anywhere), consider our Hybrid models. These give you the best of both worlds. An insulated PVC layer on the windows keeps campers warm in the winter, and the mesh layer on windows and door keeps you cool in summer (and mosquitoes at bay!). Explore our 5m Hybrid models.

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Be prepared for all weather with the right camping accessories

Thinking of pitching under or near trees? You need a Lotus Belle roof cover. Made from fully machine-washable nylon, our roof covers are the same shape as the canvas roof of the Lotus Belle and come in two versions: standard or heavy-duty and a range of colours, materials and patterns. Roof covers protect your Lotus Belle’s canvas from falling tree sap, animal droppings and UV damage. We now stock extra-wide covers, protecting the roof of your tent and extending wider at the indents to cover your tent’s walls. These new tent roof covers prevent sap or other debris from dripping down the walls of your Lotus Belle; meaning your canvas will stay looking new for longer. Choose a roof cover.

A cocoon lining is an effective insulating layer that fits over the centre pole of your Lotus Belle, clipping onto the wall poles and hugging the interior shape. This creates an air gap between the inner and outer layers, regulating the temperature inside your tent and creating a cosy ambience - exactly what’s needed when it’s nippy outside! Select a cocoon lining. For those in really chilly climates, an insulated lining might be the thing you need. Made from a thick quilted polyester, the insulated lining traps heat, once fitted over the centre pole and clipped to the interior walls of your Lotus Belle. Select an insulated lining.

As well as investing in interior linings, consider a heat source for your tent. We stock Winnerwell Nomad Stoves which are highly portable, easy to use and ideal for heating inside a canvas tent. They’re also perfect for cooking on and are built to last.

A porch or tent awning is not only a great way to extend your living area out the front (and also at the rear of any deluxe model Lotus Belle), but also a good place to store wet weather gear. No more wet, muddy wellies and raincoats dripping inside your Lotus Belle. In hot weather, enjoy the shade under the porch while you read a book or let the kids play, protected by the sun. Find a porch for your Lotus Belle.

We’re always at hand to answer any questions you have about camping in a luxury Lotus Belle tent. Check out our FAQs or email us with any queries.

Written by Hari Seddon

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