Deluxe Winnerwell Nomad Stove Bundle

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The Winnerwell Nomad Deluxe Bundle includes a flue pipe and flashing kit. It also comes with a tank for heating water on the stove, a fire-proof mat and a carry bag. 

The Nomad Wood Burning Stove is highly portable, easy to use and built to last. It's ideal for heating and cooking in a canvas tent.

Its durable 304 Stainless Steel Construction means it will never rust or corrode as well as being really easy to clean and maintain. Easy to set up, compact and portable, it has level side shelves which are super useful when cooking or for drying clothes and also double as carry handles.

The water tank in this deluxe version is such a good addition. The luxury of having hot water on tap when camping can't be overstated. The tank can be loaded onto the top of the stove so that it gets heat from both the firebox and flue for fast heating, or hung on the side for slower heating and heat preservation freeing up room to cook on top of the stove. It has an integrated spigot making it easy to fill a cup or pan, with 3.5L capacity. 

It has a glass window for that extra cosy feeling, and is a highly efficient heater. All in all a fantastically versatile and well made stove. 

The practical bit...

This bundle includes everything you'll need to install the Winnerwell Stove in your tent, including the flashing kit and flue pipe.


Stove Body - 460x250x250mm, Assembly - 510x650x2750mm

Pipe diameter - 89mm, Pipe length - 430mm

Net weight of stove - 15.5kg, Net weight of water tank - 2.4kg

Fuel - dry wood