"We have just returned from a weekend away trying out our four metre Lotus Belle and what an amazing structure it is. We got lots of curious looks on the campsite as we got to grips with construction, realising eventually that the bathtub ground sheet goes on the inside of the walls and that the guy ropes come in different lengths - it helps to read the instructions properly!

Once up our fellow campers were really receptive to its unique appearance, quite a few actually came over for a closer look and were amazed, like us, how roomy it is inside: calling it a Tardis is really quite apt as it looks quite small outside yet we had two double airbeds on the floor and still had room to walk about as there is full headroom across the whole footprint.

In use it was the attention to detail that struck us. The materials are heavy duty and superbly finished, and throughout there little thoughtful details such as the bunting/fairy light/possible canopy (can I drop a hint here?) attachment loops above the door, the velcro and insect proof mesh that attaches the roof securely to the walls and various loops all around the internal perimeter to use as you will. My husband was impressed by the windows which can be zipped open if you wish - but only from the inside.

In the morning, lying back in bed, there was something very calming about the sunlight coming through the canvas, and the way the roof swoops up to meet the central pole.

In terms of practicality, because of its robust build, this tent is very heavy altogether but we quickly discovered it's best to use three bags; one for the canvas, one for the tent pegs, central pole and groundsheet, and the final one for the outer wall poles. In this way you can pack it in and around your other camping paraphernalia.

After this first experience of our Lotus Belle we are already smitten and think it deserves a name - something we never done for previous tents. Can't wait to try it for a longer period now!" 

All the best, Janine, Graham, Ben and Ailsa the dog

"I'm at a loss for words. LOTUS BELLE ROCKS! I cant express how awesome you guys are. Thanks for taking care of us. You absolutely made our year with your customer service/generosity/and just pure thoughtfulness. This tent will see allot of wild stuff in the next few months!!! I'll post photos of all the awesome festivals we take it to. xoxoxoxox, you guys are in a league of your own!"

Justin Hartman

"At last ....... My beautiful tent is up !!!! It's stunning. I am soooo pleased with it. It is so well made. And it really is the Tardis of all tents. It is aesthetically pleasing isn't it? I love the way the top fits. When the instructions said " Now carry the pole inside with the top on, " I thought how bizarre. But that truly was the best bit. I will spend the next week 'Glamming it up'. Then I will send you photos.

Lovely weather here and my Lotus door is overlooking the sea. Bliss. Hope you enjoying this wonderful weather and thank you Hari. Love Carol from Cornwall xxx"

Carol Moone

"Hi Hari, I am Glamping my Lotus Belle. Part way there. Rugs, cushions, lighting. More pics when I have finished it. I so love it. Hey I got tremendous thunder and storms on Saturday morning here on the cliffs. A true test since I had only had it up a day !!! But it was perfect."

Love Carol in Cornwall. x

"We have welcomed several couples/families so far into the lotus and they love it!!! we are so impressed with the size of it! it was quite a task 'filling' it with furniture! thank you so much for a brilliant design, more good photo's attached."

kind regards Maria http://www.tycochleisure.com/

"I am delighted with the tents, they seem to be everything I hoped they would be, I had a Summer Solstice celebration here yesterday with lots of people, they all loved the tents. PS don't think I said how good your instructions were. We found putting the tents up relatively easy."

Avril Rea in Cornwall