4m Hybrid Deluxe

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Hybrid models give you the best of both worlds, a practical choice for anywhere in the world. You have an insulated PVC layer on the windows for the winter as well as a mesh layer on the windows and door to keep you cool and keep the mosquitoes at bay in the summer.

Hybrid Deluxe tents have the additional rear door including a mesh layer for access and to maximize airflow through your tent.


Hybrid models have both an insulated PVC layer on the windows for the winter and a mesh layer on the windows and doors to keep you cool and to keep the mosquitoes at bay in the summer. Naturally the Hybrid comes with a velcro seal-in groundsheet to keep out unwanted creepy crawlies.

This model also features large air vents at the roof apex which create a circular convection current when the doors and windows are open, drawing excess heat up and out of the tent. 

The canvas material breathes minimising condensation and overheating which helps keep the tent very comfortable inside.

Deluxe models have the second doorway with the zip up mesh layer which is great for keeping cool and could be used as a rear entrance into a toilet or kitchen area.

  • Our bespoke canvas [380 GSM fire, water and rot resistant] 
  • Seal in ‘bath tub’ style ground sheet [540 GSM PVC]
  • 3 meter wooden center pole
  • 2 zipped mesh & pvc window layers with zipped canvas roll down blinds
  • 2 large zipped doorways with zipped mesh (fly screen) layer 
  • Large roof vents
  • 12 square meters of useable standing space
Big Roof Vents
PVC & Mesh Windows & Mesh Door
540 gsm Sealed Groundsheet
380 gsm Canvas
  • Key Stats

    Sleeps 2 people
    2 large zipped doorways with zipped mesh
    12 m2 of useable standing room

  • Packed Dimensions

    Box 1 = 110 x 40 x 30cm
    Box 2 = 100 x 30 x 30cm
    Total Weight : 55kg

  • Pitched Dimensions

    Tent only: 400cm x 400cm x 300cm (height)
    Pitching area required : 650cm x 650cm

Tents For Life, Not For Landfill

As part of our mission to rid the world of disposable tents we have chosen the highest quality materials, components and manufacturing processes. This together with the elegant design, affording maximum headroom, adds up to a highly desirable, flexible, portable and durable living space that you can enjoy over and over again and that, with care, can last a lifetime.

Extras & Accessories

  • Porches

    Porch / Awnings are a great way to extend your living area out front (and also at the rear of any deluxe model). They make a great place for keeping cooking equipment and storage of wet weather gear.

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  • Roof Covers

    Essential if you are pitching under or near trees, they are made from fully machine washable nylon. These are the same shape as the roof of the Lotus Belle and act as a protective shield.

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  • Cocoon Linings

    Regulates temperature and creates a really cosy feel that can also be great to give a facelift to the inside of a tired looking tent.

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