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When you step into one of our tents you already know it’s next level. It’s the most spacious bell tent out there- and even though having space is a big part of feeling luxurious, we’re going to show you how to make your Lotus Belle feel even MORE like the best luxury tent in the world. Whether you’re creating a sumptuous hideaway in your own back garden or you’re starting your own glamping business, we hope you’ll find these little tips useful!

Cosy is King

First off, let’s be sensible- no-one wants to be cold when they camp. A huge number of us have horrid memories of shivering in a cold polyester tent back in the day- and no part of that says luxury to us.

If you’re blessed with living in sunny climes then you don’t need to worry so much about that aspect, but for the rest of us we should talk about having an insulated inner tent.

For those less affected by temperatures, cocoon linings can really transform the look and feel of your tent. They hug the interior shape of your tent and create an air gap between the inner and outer layers. This helps to regulate temperatures, and creates a really luxurious mood.

You also have the option of a quilted insulated lining. It’s like wearing a duvet inside your tent! You could also combine this with a wood burner and you then can extend your camping season indefinitely.

Consider your accessories that create warmth and feel luxurious, like fluffy tent slippers, statement print blankets, and even stylish mugs for hot drinks. Lotus Belles are big enough for real beds, so stop torturing yourself with sleeping bags and go for high quality fabrics. If it’s a tent in your garden, make it look different to your usual bed so there is a clear distinction between the spaces and being in the tent feels more other-worldly.

Kill the clutter

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist for your interior design vibes, make sure you have plenty of discreet storage space to put everything you need for yourself or your guests- clutter kills the vibe very quickly. Our tents have plenty of space for full size furniture so don’t be afraid to put a wardrobe in!

If you’re starting a glamping site you should think about what your guests bring with them- what can you provide to help reduce the bag weight, and where can they hide their bag once they’re here? (We’re a big fan of porches for that reason)

If it’s your permanent set up then you have a lot less to carry, but don’t be afraid to duplicate things you have in your house. 

Styling details

We know you’ve all got your own approach, so we’ll just touch on our favourite interior design ideas for now. You’re welcome to email us or send a DM to us on our Instagram if you want more!

If you’re going for a bedouin inspired interior, it’s not just about the vivid jewel colour scheme. Make sure you have as many cushions and pillows and attractive squidgy things to recline on as possible. Tassels, fairy lights, mirrored surfaces and incense all add to the atmosphere. Rugs complete the look- make sure you have good padding underneath them like some coir matting for maximum barefoot possibilities.

For a luxurious, quirky and creative approach to your Lotus Belle interior, we strongly encourage a combination of 3 colours and not two. This stops the space from becoming monotonous and rigid in feel. Bunting, fairy lights, fabric textures and prints on your cushions and bedding will bring your personality to the space. Get a plant in there! Something hardy like a snake plant or a small tray of succulents bring low maintenance green goodness.

Fans of a more minimalist approach, don’t underestimate the power of some well placed sheepskin rugs! A statement blanket on the bed, bare wood accessories and groups of hurricane lamps with candles in will feel considered and not cluttered. If you place your lamps on a mirrored surface or in front of one you increase the cosy feel and light substantially. If you’re not so into candles we suggest a soft, natural light source, like these clean and green pole lights. Consider a fragrance diffuser with a woody, natural smell.

If you’re pitching under trees or leaving your Lotus Belle up year round, give it an extra layer of protection from the elements (and bird poo) with a roof cover. This is also a great way to add a stamp of style to the outside, and a practical way to differentiate between tents after a few too many mojitos in the hot tub!

Off grid tech kit

You’re going to need to power those fairy lights, or charge your bluetooth speaker playing atmospheric music. We know, we know, you’re trying to get away from it all, but if you do need power it’s important to have it. Also, if you’re going to be posting all those pictures to make your friends envious, you’ll need enough juice to read their comments….

Outside Space

It’s not just about what you have in the tent, but what you have outside the tent too. We love the feeling of intimacy a canopy can provide, as well as protection from the elements. Think about the outdoor furniture you want. A sofa with lots of cushions? A fully stocked mini bar? A projector to have your own movie screenings- to go with the hottub? Why the heck not. The whole point of luxury is to dream it and then live it.

The canopy also offers you the chance to create a little village vibe if you have the space, by having your group of Lotus Belle tent porches facing into the space. Make sure you have lighting options and enough sitting space to enjoy your evenings well past sun down.

Written by Hari Seddon

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